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Media Release - High Speed Rail Canada to Release Tomorrow Toronto-Montreal vs Seville-Madrid Rail Lines Comparison

High Speed Rail Canada To Release Toronto-Montreal vs Seville-Madrid Passenger Rail Lines Comparison

High Speed Rail Canada will release their comparison of the Toronto-Montreal and Seville-Madrid passenger rail lines. Media Release (09/17/2018) - MEDIA ALERT: At 8:00am on Tuesday September 18th, 2018, High Speed Rail Canada will have available on their website a copy of the their latest report to read and download.

The population densities of Toronto-Montreal and Madrid-Seville are similar but the passenger rail options and trip times are dramatically different.

High Speed Rail Canada, as part of their mandate to educate the Canadian public, has done an analysis of the two passenger rail lines in Canada and Spain.

Media Contact - Paul Langan, High Speed Rail Canada founder at 226-505-7605 or by using contact page on website at