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Transpod - The $23 Billion Pipe Dream

Transpod Test Track - September 2022 In a previous article I have talked about three failed hyperloop systems. Elon Musk’s test track is now parking lot, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Virgin Hyperloop. We will now discuss Transpod, a Canadian based company with its own version of a hyperloop capable of going 1000 km/hr. Transpod had secured US$550 million in funding from a Chinese government owned company,China-East Resources Import & Export Company in cooperation with UK-based Broughton Capital Group. They are proposing to build a fully functional line between Edmonton-Calgary. In 2025 they will have a fully functional full scale vehicle testing on a test track there. Cost of the line is $23 billion. They are even discussing a Toronto-Montreal line. But with any unproven technology questions should be asked. DEADLINES MISSED Transpod Press Release, January 22, 2019 stated- They secured a building permit in 2018 for a test track and facility with Hyperloop Limoges to in
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Amazing Success of RENFEE AVLO Low-Cost High Speed Trains in Spain

Big Success for Renfe AVLO Low-Cost, High-Speed Trains AVLO low-cost high-speed train - Photo credit - Pablo Monge The Spanish rail operator RENFE began their low-high-speed trains over a year ago now. The Talgo 400-seater trains are equipped with reclining seats, plugs in all seats, reading light... and all of this at 300 km/h.  Tickets start as low as €7 one way Madrid-Barcelona-Figueres Vilafant According to the Spain Travel News on September 14th,2022, during the first year since the launch of its Avlo trains, Renfe has transported 6.3 million passengers on its High Speed ​​services (Ave+Avlo) that run on the Madrid-Barcelona-Figueres Vilafant railway line. This figure signifies a tripling in the number of passengers compared to the same period for 2020-2021, which means an overall recovery of more than 4 million passengers. Occupancy rates on the trains are over 90%. Madrid and Valencia In November 2021, Spain’s state-owned launched company expanded their low-cost, high-speed AV

Hyperloop Nine Years Later and the Debacle Continues

Elon Musk Had An Idea Elon Musk in 2013 released his white paper for his latest technology titled "Hyperloop." Red flags should have been raised immediately has Elon stated he would not be developing the technology himself. He did host some student competitions but even those have been cancelled. Elon Musk student hyperloop competition in 2017 - credit Engadget High Speed Rail Canada released in 2020 a paper critical of the Hyperloop technology. It can be viewed here .  Some of the still pertinent safety issues were outlined including: Security Issues Sudden Decompression Thermal Expansion Pressure Emergency Exits G-Force and Illness Passenger Capacity Hyperloop Technology Needed That Does Not Exist Including: Hyperloop High Speed Switches, Airlock Systems, Turbomolecular Pumps  Let us look at the two big players today in the hyperloop industry and see how they are progressing. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Started in 2013, Hyperloop  Transportation Technologies comp

Alstom plaide pour une " solution du XXIe siècle" - Alstom pleads for a "21st century solution"

 Une « solution du XXIe siècle » — la grande vitesse — est indispensable pour améliorer le service ferroviaire entre Québec, Montréal et Toronto, estime Alstom, en invitant Ottawa à voir plus grand avec le train à grande fréquence (TGF). La porte serait ouverte, selon des documents gouvernementaux. Spending more than four hours on a train to travel between the metropolis and the Queen City, as currently planned by the TGF, "is far too long" to encourage the population to turn their backs on the car or the aircraft," says Michael Keroullé, President of Alstom Americas. Lisez la suite de l'article ici:

High Speed Rail Canada releases VIA Rail Canada, Infrastructure Bank High Frequency Rail Project Study Free Download

  Anyone who has followed former VIA Rail President, now Siemens employee, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano high-frequency rail crusade in Ontario and Quebec were left with more questions than answers. Details of the plan were scare and kept secret from the public. Yves anti high-speed rail speeches were well documented.  VIA Rail Canada's map on the alternative, high frequency rail, changed frequently and often. Claims of  improved frequencies, travel times, speeds were touted without any quality evidence to support it. High Speed Rail Canada releases this study to show just how far VIA Rail will go to keep the public in the dark about their proposed plan. This study is so  heavily redacted it is almost worthless. Why the secrets? Perhaps this high frequency rail plan was just a  pipe dream of Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano. Reminder the study is NOT about high-speed rail. Click HERE to view and download the study.  Canadians deserve better.

High Speed Rail Canada to Release VIA Rail Canada High Frequency Rail Study April 19th, 2022

High Speed Rail Canada to Release the flawed VIA Rail High Frequency Rail Study 9:00am 04/19/2022. We will make this study available to you as we believe that taxpayers have the right to see what they pay for.  This study is so heavily redacted the public is unable to get basic information on VIA Rail Canada's proposed High Frequency Rail Plan.  Why is VIA Rail Canada not willing to share the details of this plan with the public?  This is a NOT at study about high-speed rail.  We deserve better.

High Speed Rail Canada Releases Historical VIA Rail 1989 Cuts Document

  High Speed Rail Canada is an educational resource centre for people from around the world to access previous mainly high-speed rail studies done in Canada. A recent review of hardcopy files in the HSRC archives revealed a 1989 VIA Rail 76 page document detailing the drastic cuts by the then Conservative government. Paul Langan, founder of High Speed Rail Canada states, "Although this document is not about high-speed train service it is an important historical document on passenger rail in Canada. The public will find it useful in understanding our past passenger rail history." Click HERE to read and download the document.