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All Eight Calgary - Edmonton High-Speed Rail Studies Available to the Public

The mandate of High Speed Rail Canada (HSRC) is to educate Canadians on all previous and current high-speed rail studies in Canada. Their website has been updated to include all eight previous Alberta high-speed rail studies on the possibility of a passenger rail service from Calgary to Edmonton. The public is welcome to use and download all these studies. Please credit HRSC as the source. A history video by HSRC of the Alberta studies will be released soon on the HSRC Youtube channel. Here is the LINK to all the Alberta studies page.
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Passenger Rail Advocacy in Canada: From flyers to youtube has anything really changed?

I walked into the VIA Rail station in Windsor in 1991 to protest VIA Rail Canada’s refusal to allow my girlfriend to purchase a CanRail Pass. They refused her because she was a Canadian. Ridiculous……It was my first real world experience with the dysfunctional state of passenger rail then and today in our country. Back then and today, Transport 2000, (now Transport Action Canada) were, and still are, the only national passenger rail advocacy group in Canada. I had read in the newspapers about Harry Gow, President of Transport 2000 back in 1991. His fire and brimstone passenger rail advocacy was legendary and inspired me. Moving to Guelph in 1994, I got involved with local passenger rail activists the late Mary Pappert and George Bechtel. Mary was a no nonsense person and so was George. I had no idea at the time, just how effective they were at passenger rail advocacy. If cuts were coming or money was being made available for passenger trains, they immediately went into action. Organizi

High-Speed Rail Canda adds new Bombardier 2002 JetTrain Video

High-Speed Rail Canada has added a new video on the 2002 Bombardier JetTrain to their youtube channel. The JetTrain was proposed for different routes in the USA and Canada. Top speed was 240 km/h. Unfortunately, over 20yrs later, Edmonton and Calgary one of the proposed routes still does not have passenger trains. View the video HERE.

Canada's Cambia Consulting Transportation Solutions Include High-Speed Rail

Canada's Cambia Consulting states on their website that they find compelling solutions for challenging transportation problems. They state. "In order to actually make a difference in the world, coming up with a great solution is not enough. You need to compel stakeholders, leaders and the general public to adopt your solution." Cambia research solutions concerning regional rail, high-speed rail, urban transportation and city planning projects. They produce audiovisual materials to inform, inspire, persuade and entice your audience. They develop comprehensive strategies to help make the change you want a reality. We at High Speed Rail Canada are impressed with the quality of their high-speed rail related blog posts. Feel free to check out these posts here .  

New Study Recommends High-Speed Rail Between Ontario and Quebec

Cambia Consulting has released a study titled, Build it Right - A Study of HFR/HSR in Canada. Improving passenger rail and building High-Frequency Rail (HFR) or High-Speed Rail (HSR) in Canada is an important undertaking that will shape the future of this country. If implemented successfully, it will help millions of people each year connect with family and friends, conduct business and explore our country in a clean, safe and efficient way.  However, if we fail to employ the best design and construction practices, HFR/HSR risks becoming an overbudget boondoggle that under-delivers in providing a quality experience for passengers and may discourage future investments in passenger rail. It is critical that we get it right Does it makes sense to build High-Speed Rail in Canada? Or is High-Frequency Rail a better option? How should it be built and how much would it cost? This study investigates these questions and concludes that high-speed rail is viable and should be built now, not later

High Speed Rail Canada Celebrates 15 Years of Educating Canadians

High Speed Rail Canada is celebrating 15 years of educating Canadians about the benefits of high-speed rail. The main purpose then and now was to educate Canadians on the benefits of high-speed trains. High Speed Rail Canada biggest accomplishment was being the number one source for all previous high-speed rail studies in Canada. That included studies relating to Seattle-Vancouver, Edmonton-Calgary and Ontario-Quebec high-speed rail corridors.  These previous studies are available as a free download to all. Over 867,000 people have accessed the site and the studies there. Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states,” It has been a difficult, but a rewarding objective to ensure the Canadian studies on high-speed, and the truth about the benefits of high-speed rail are made readily available." The High Speed Rail Canada website: is the main way information is transmitted to the public. High Speed Rail Canada also utilizes their social media;

High Speed Rail Canada Releases Alstom TGV Presentation and Maps for Ontario- Quebec Corridor

Alstom TGV- HFR map presented November 202 2 High Speed Rail Canada is proud to release the Alstom TGV-HFR Rail presentation and maps from November 2022 for the public. This is part of of our mandate of educating the public on the benefits of high-speed rail we are making them available at no cost. Click HERE   to view the presentation and the associated maps. You can also click on the maps icon on our website to view just the maps.