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Joyeuses fêtes Happy Holidays from High Speed Rail Canada

  We want to wish all supporters of  high-speed rail in Canada have a fantastic holiday season. We know it is a difficult time with Covid-19 but we will get out of this and move forward safely in 2022. While the state of passenger rail in Canada is bleak regarding high-speed trains, we will continue to push for Canada to play catch up to the rest of the world.   VIA Rail Canada's proposed $4 billion dollar HFR plan and  the new Siemens trainsets cannot even obtain the low end of high speed rail speeds of 250km. These types of decisions set Canada back decades. Joyeuses fêtes/ Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.
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High Speed Rail in Canada: Rail vs Car vs Plane

    Full credit to City Nerd Youtube Channel for this comparative analysis video. It wastes no time reviewing the VIA Rail Canada half-baked plan for higher speed trains. It compares true high speed rail with car and plane travel.  This video drills down into the details of an example trip between Toronto and Montreal, following the journeys of three hypothetical travelers on their way from Greater Toronto (including Hamilton and Oshawa, by the way!) to Bell Centre in downtown Montreal. Along the way, and we compare their journeys step by step, and look more broadly at the argument for high speed rail in Canada by comparing to other successful HSR city pairs like Milan-Rome, Madrid-Barcelona, and Paris-Bordeaux, and praising Canada's ahead-of-the-curve (well, for North America) transit connections. Feel free to subscribe to his videos.

The TurboTrain - 1968 Sikorsky Aircraft Promotional Film Loaded on High Speed Rail Canada Youtube Channel

High Speed Rail Canada has added another film of the legendary CN UAC TurboTrain to their Youtube Channel . Released originally by the Surface Transportation Systems of Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Aircraft in 1968. It includes excellent footage of the TurboTrain demonstration runs.  From the original Sikorsky Aircraft promo material released with the film: "A sleek, new lightweight passenger train, the Turbo-Train, enters service in 1968 in the United States and Canada.  The TurboTrain is lighter, faster, quieter, smoother and more reliable than conventional trains -and cheaper to run. The TurboTrain, conceived on aerodynamic principles, and powered by aircraft-type gas turbine engines, was designed by United Aircraft Corporation.  It is being developed and marketed by Surface Transportation Systems, Sikorsky Aircraft Division. The TurboTrain is a modern, streamlined, high-speed intercity passenger train designed by aerospace engineers and based on the principles of fli

High Speed Rail Canada Updates National and International HSR Rail Links Page

  High Speed Rail Canada has updated their links pages that  features high speed rail manufacturers and countries around the world with high speed rail. It includes Canada's four proposed high speed rail routes. The page also has links to companies that sell high speed rail tickets around the world for those who want to travel to other countries to ride high speed trains (TGV). Paul Langan, founder High Speed Rail Canada states, " I wish all Canadians had a chance to visit countries where high speed trains run so they can see what a modern passenger system in Canada could look like. This links page will take you to sites around the world to see high speed trains in operation". Visit:

Prairie Link - New High Speed Rail Proposal for Calgary-Red Deer-Edmonton

Fantastic news out of Alberta! The companies EllisDon and AECOM are proposing a high speed rail line between Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. Here is their press release. We will be watching this closely. Edmonton, AB, July 8, 2021 — EllisDon, a world-leading construction services and infrastructure development company, announced today that they have formed a partnership to advance the development of high-speed rail connecting Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary in Alberta, Canada. EllisDon and its team took the initiative to propose the project within the Government of Alberta’s Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines and Framework. "The notion of high-speed rail — a proven technology around the world — connecting Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary in Alberta is not new, but we believe that its time has come. We have built a team with both the capacity and faith in the future of our province to advance it in a meaningful way for Albertans," said Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, Director with EllisDo

Three High-Speed Rail TGV Corridors for Canada

 Feel free share this poster with all high-speed rail supporters in Canada.  Canada's high-speed rail TGV corridors are: Toronto-Montreal, Edmonton-Calgary, Vancouver-Seattle.

TGV ou TGF, faites le bon choix, Monsieur Trudeau !

Publié le 13 avril 2021 à 12h00, La Presse, Michel Archambault, Professeur émérite en tourisme, fondateur de la Chaire de tourisme Transat, Université du Québec à Montréal   À l’aube de la présentation du prochain budget de la ministre des Finances, Chrystia Freeland, le cabinet fédéral annoncera probablement un important programme d’infrastructures. La construction, dans le corridor Québec-Windsor, d’une voie réservée à un train à grande vitesse (TGV) devrait être prioritaire.  Le train est plus écologique que l’auto, le bus et l’avion (ce dernier émet de 30 à 50 fois plus de CO 2 ). Coïncidence, l’Union européenne a déclaré 2021 « Année européenne du rail », demandant à ses pays membres de consacrer 70 % des financements en transport au train plutôt qu’à l’avion ou à l’automobile. Face aux enjeux des changements climatiques, « la mobilité est la composante du voyage qui impacte le plus sur l’empreinte carbone… et le train l’emporte toujours