Riding the Comboios de Portugal tilting Pendolino trains

Looking forward to riding the Comboios de Portugal tilting Pendolino trains in September!

Add Morocco to the list of countries with High Speed Rail

photo from Coloas Rail
Railway Gazette - Africa has their first high speed rail line as they are in final testing in Morocco for Al Boraq high speed rail service.

LGV Maroc comprises a 183 km high speed line between Tanger and Kénitra which is being built for operation at up to 320 km/h, as well as 137 km of upgraded conventional line from Kénitra to Casablanca where trains will run at up to 220 km/h.

Meanwhile back in Canada VIA Rail is ordering new trains with maximum speeds of 200 km/h....

High Speed Rail Canada Releases Rare 1973 Radio Interview On Board CN Turbo Train

High Speed Rail Canada Releases Rare 1973 Radio Interview On Board CN Turbo Train

High Speed Rail Canada has released a rare radio interview done on board the CN Turbo train in 1973.

WireService.ca Press Release (07/12/2018) - High Speed Rail Canada is the only national advocacy group dedicated to promoting the modernization of passenger rail in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada's mandate is to educate people on the benefits of modern passenger rail. They do it through their website http://www.highspeedrailcanada.com , Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter ;@HSRCanada and public educational sessions.
The Turbo train ran in Canada's from 1968-1982. It holds the record in Canada for the fastest train with 226 km/h. That record was set in 1976.
High Speed Rail Canada has obtained an ultra rare CBC radio interview done on board the train. Reporter Bob McGregor interviews CN Vice President Frank Roberts. They comment on the turbo’s speed, service and features. There is also discussion on the Rapido train. The interview was done in 1973 as the Turbo was reintroduced into service.
Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states," Finding an audio interview done on the Turbo train is extremely rare. There is a fascination about the CN Turbo train and its place in Canada’s passenger rail history.
45 years later and Canada's present VIA RAIL trains can't match the speed record set by the Turbo. We are excited to have the largest collection of audio and video recordings of the Turbo train in Canada available to the public."
To listen to the radio interview on the Turbo train go to the High Speed Rail Canada Turbo train page. https://www.highspeedrailcanada.com/p/uac-cn-turbo-train-archives.html
For more information on High Speed Rail Canada or to contact Paul Langan go to their contact page at https://highspeedrailcanada.com
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David Collenette Ousted from High Speed Rail Committee Chairmen Role

David Collenette
According to John Michael McGrath, he has stated on twitter that the Premier's Office confirms David Collenette has been removed as chair of high-speed rail planning advisory board.

In doing so, Doug Ford just got rid of Canada's most knowledgable former federal politician on passenger rail. No real surprize to supporters of modern passenger rail service.

There has never been a provincial or federal provincial Tory party that has supported modern passenger rail in Canada. Get ready for more massive road building to further sink Ontarians into debt, environmental chaos and lost productivity from being stuck in traffic.

High Speed Train with 16 Passenger Cars Video

The 16-carriage Fuxing high-speed train departed Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in China at 9am yesterday. At 415 meters long, and offering 1,193 seats, the train is twice as long as the line’s normal 8-carriage trains.

According to Shanghai Railway Station, three extended trains will service the G2/G3, G10/G11 and G118/G149 routes between Shanghai and Beijing. The maximum speed of the trains is 350 kilometers/hour, and the journey time between the two cities is listed at 4 hours and 28 minutes.

The extended trains also have more first-class and business-class seats than their shorter counterparts.

Since its debut last June, Fuxing have carried more than 2.8 million people.

Over the past year, the average occupancy rate of the Fuxing bullet trains on the Beijing-Shanghai line reached 94 percent, 17.5 percentage points more than other models running on similar routes, according to China Railway Corporation. by Xu Lingchao