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High Speed Rail Canada Celebrates 15 Years of Educating Canadians

High Speed Rail Canada is celebrating 15 years of educating Canadians about the benefits of high-speed rail. The main purpose then and now was to educate Canadians on the benefits of high-speed trains. High Speed Rail Canada biggest accomplishment was being the number one source for all previous high-speed rail studies in Canada. That included studies relating to Seattle-Vancouver, Edmonton-Calgary and Ontario-Quebec high-speed rail corridors.  These previous studies are available as a free download to all. Over 867,000 people have accessed the site and the studies there. Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states,” It has been a difficult, but a rewarding objective to ensure the Canadian studies on high-speed, and the truth about the benefits of high-speed rail are made readily available." The High Speed Rail Canada website: is the main way information is transmitted to the public. High Speed Rail Canada also utilizes their social media;
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High Speed Rail Canada Releases Alstom TGV Presentation and Maps for Ontario- Quebec Corridor

Alstom TGV- HFR map presented November 202 2 High Speed Rail Canada is proud to release the Alstom TGV-HFR Rail presentation and maps from November 2022 for the public. This is part of of our mandate of educating the public on the benefits of high-speed rail we are making them available at no cost. Click HERE   to view the presentation and the associated maps. You can also click on the maps icon on our website to view just the maps.

Alstom propose à nouveau un TGV entre Québec et Toronto

  Sylvain Larocque, Le Journal de Montreal - Plus rentable, meilleur pour l’environnement : le gouvernement Trudeau devrait mettre de côté son projet de train à grande fréquence (TGF) entre Québec et Toronto pour miser sur la grande vitesse, martèle le géant français Alstom. « Tant qu’à mettre des sommes comme celles-là, autant que soit dans un investissement le plus rentable possible et qui amène l’impact à la fois économique et sociétal le plus élevé », confie au Journal Michael Keroullé, président d’Alstom pour les Amériques.

Is High-Speed Rail Back on the Agenda for Ontario and Quebec?

 Ontario and Quebec High-Speed Rail Provincially, the Special Advisor for High-Speed Rail the Honourable David Collenette delivered his report : High Speed Rail in Ontario in December 2016.The Ontario provincial government under Liberal Kathleen Wynne was committed to building high-speed rail between Windsor and Quebec City. There was renewed enthusiasm that just maybe Canada could join the modern world and have a fast, efficient, safe, passenger rail transit system. Sadly, the election of the Ford government brought an end to the idea as they shelved high-speed rail. The Ford government has pursued a   neanderthal method of transportation planning with the building of more highway lanes and announcing a new highway. (Hwy#413).  This newfound optimism for the building of high-speed rail has nothing to do with the Ford government. Federally, then president and CEO of VIA Rail Canada Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, now Siemens employee, was telling anyone that would listen in 2015, that hi

Happy Holidays from High Speed Rail Canada - 30 Canadian High- Speed Rail Studies Available

Over 840,000 people have visited High Speed Rail Canada's Website High Speed Rail Canada was formed in 2008 to educate the public on the past and present high-speed rail studies in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. 30 Canadian High Speed Rail studies have been listed on our website All the ones that are available are free to download. These studies are constantly being downloaded by students, professionals, politicians, government officials and the public Over 840,000 people have visited our website to educate themselves on high-speed rail.  We want to wish you all the best during this festive season. We will continue to educate the public on high speed trains in Canada. We can be contacted through our website. Paul Langan, Founder High Speed Rail Canada,

Transpod - The $23 Billion Pipe Dream

Transpod Test Track - September 2022 In a previous article I have talked about three failed hyperloop systems. Elon Musk’s test track is now parking lot, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Virgin Hyperloop. We will now discuss Transpod, a Canadian based company with its own version of a hyperloop capable of going 1000 km/hr. Transpod had secured US$550 million in funding from a Chinese government owned company,China-East Resources Import & Export Company in cooperation with UK-based Broughton Capital Group. They are proposing to build a fully functional line between Edmonton-Calgary. In 2025 they will have a fully functional full scale vehicle testing on a test track there. Cost of the line is $23 billion. They are even discussing a Toronto-Montreal line. But with any unproven technology questions should be asked. DEADLINES MISSED Transpod Press Release, January 22, 2019 stated- They secured a building permit in 2018 for a test track and facility with Hyperloop Limoges to in

Amazing Success of RENFEE AVLO Low-Cost High Speed Trains in Spain

Big Success for Renfe AVLO Low-Cost, High-Speed Trains AVLO low-cost high-speed train - Photo credit - Pablo Monge The Spanish rail operator RENFE began their low-high-speed trains over a year ago now. The Talgo 400-seater trains are equipped with reclining seats, plugs in all seats, reading light... and all of this at 300 km/h.  Tickets start as low as €7 one way Madrid-Barcelona-Figueres Vilafant According to the Spain Travel News on September 14th,2022, during the first year since the launch of its Avlo trains, Renfe has transported 6.3 million passengers on its High Speed ​​services (Ave+Avlo) that run on the Madrid-Barcelona-Figueres Vilafant railway line. This figure signifies a tripling in the number of passengers compared to the same period for 2020-2021, which means an overall recovery of more than 4 million passengers. Occupancy rates on the trains are over 90%. Madrid and Valencia In November 2021, Spain’s state-owned launched company expanded their low-cost, high-speed AV