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Amtrak Wants Restoration of the Detroit–Toronto Service

Supporters of the restoration of passenger rail services between Michigan and Ontario were presently surprised lately.
In the Amtrak 2020 General and Legislative Report there is a line item titled, Restoration of the Detroit–Toronto Service" on page 7. The amount of money needed is "to be determined."

The idea of of having trains connecting from Chicago, through Detroit/Windsor can become reality.

There are significant hurdles to go through to make this happen:

getting permission to use tracks from freight companies, improving/adding to track infrastructuremoving VIA Rail station to former site of Canada Southern station site federal government funding from Canada and USAfunding from the province of Ontario and state of Michigan support from VIA Rail Canada and the Cities of Detroit and Windsor for the idea.resolving customs/border issues.

The Detroit/Windsor Railway Tunnel (known historically as the Michigan Central tunnel) is majority owned by Borealis Infrastructure,…

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