2011 Windsor Quebec City High Speed Rail Map
2011 Windsor Quebec City High Speed Rail Map - EcoTrans


(updated April 28th, 2020)

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2017 Windsor - Quebec City High Speed Rail Map
2017 Windsor - Quebec City High Speed Rail Map


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2009 Canadian Government Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
 / Comité permanent des transports, de l’infrastructure et des collectivités
  • May 14 Hearings - Witnesses Railway Association of Canada, Paul Langan, High Speed Rail Canada (recording starts at 50 seconds in)
  • May 28th Hearings - Witnesses National Airline Council of Canada,,Canadian Bus Association, Transport 2000 Canada
  • June 4th Hearings - Witnesses VIA Rail, Vanhorne Institute HSR (hearing starts at 9 minutes)
  • June 18th Hearings - Witnesses Translink Authority Vancouver, Conference Board of Canada (hearing starts at 53 seconds in)
  • November 16th Hearings - Witness CN Rail (there is silence for the first few
  • minutes of the recording)