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Ontario - Quebec

2011 Windsor Quebec City High Speed Rail Map
2011 Windsor Quebec City High Speed Rail Map - EcoTrans


(updated April 28th, 2020)

1. 1970 - Inter-City Passenger Transport Study - Canadian Transport Commission

2. 1980 - Alternative to Air: A Feasibility Concept for the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Corridor  -
 Canadian Institute of Guided Ground Transportation on behalf of the Transportation Centre
 of Transport Canada.

3. 1984 - High Speed Passenger Rail in Canada, VIA Rail Canada

4. 1989 - Review of Passenger Rail Transportation in Canada, VIA Rail Canada,

5. 1989 - Pre-feasibility Study of High Speed Rail Services in the
Quebec-Montreal- Ottawa/Hull-Toronto Corridor, Bombardier

6. 1990 - Sprintor, Pre-feasibility Study, Windsor-Quebec Rail Corridor, ABB Canada Inc.

7. 1990 The Canadian TGV Project - Bombardier, GEC, Alstom

8. 1990 High Speed Rail in Ontario Quebec Corridor A Review of Previous Studies - Transurb Inc. Montreal - Reviews 6 of 8 previous studies on High Speed Rail in Ontario-Quebec

9. 1991 - Ontario/Quebec Rapid Train Task Force, Ontario and Quebec Governments
English - French Part 1 - French Part 2

10. 1991 - High Speed Rail Market Assessment - Air Canada/CP Rail

11. 1992 - Fast Tracks - Options for High Speed Rail in Canada - VIA Rail
English - French -(French)

12. 1994 Improving a Fragile Linear Logit Model Specified for High Speed Rail
 Demand Analysis in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor of Canada - University of Montreal

13. 1995 - Quebec-Ontario High Speed Rail Project - Government of Canada,
Ontario and Quebec Governments

14. 1995 - Quebec- Ontario High Speed Rail Project- Industrial Strategy Study
 - Simpson Guerin Consordium

15. 1998 - Lynx High Speed Rail System - Consordium - Alstom, SNC-Lavellin,
Bombardier, and Others
English Summary

16. 1995 - Joint Study of High Speed Rail Ridership and Revenues - Air Canada/CP Rail

17. 2002 - VIAFast- VIA Rail Canada Censored
English - French

18. 2003 - High Speed Passenger Rail Analysis - Environmental and Socio- Economic
 Impacts of VIAFast - IBI Group for Transport Canada

19. 2009 - Infrastructure and the Economy: Future directions for Ontario
 - Martin Prosperity Institute (includes section on High Speed Rail)

20. 2010 - Socio economic Study of High Speed Rail implementation on the Quebec
 – Windsor– (Detroit – Chicago) Corridor for the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Laval,
 London, Toronto, Windsor and Montreal Metropolitan Community - SNCF International
French - 2010 - annex 3: « Impacts economiques de la construction et de l'exploitation d'une ligne a grande vitesse entre Quebec et Montreal - Universite de laval - Gérald LeBlanc is included in english report

21. 2011 - Updated Feasibility Study of a High Speed Rail Service Quebec City-Windsor
 - EcoTrains for Ministry of Transport Ontario,Quebec and Transport Canada 
English - French

22. 2014 - Toronto - Kitchener - London, Ontario High Speed Rail - Pre-feasibility Study
 for the Ontario Ministy of Transportation - Plus Environmental Social Aspects Memo
English Study - Memo -

23. 2016 - Preliminary Business Case for High Speed Rail on the Toronto to Windsor Corridor November 2016 Steer Davies Gleave

24. 2017 - Special Advisor Report Ontario High Speed Rail  - David Colenette.

2017 Windsor - Quebec City High Speed Rail Map
2017 Windsor - Quebec City High Speed Rail Map


 When you go to the site you will see a calendar on the right hand side of the page.
 Move it to the correct month, day as per the hearing below. Then there is a green icon under the calendar and you can access the audio from. French and English 

2009 Canadian Government Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
 / Comité permanent des transports, de l’infrastructure et des collectivités
  • May 14 Hearings - Witnesses Railway Association of Canada, Paul Langan, High Speed Rail Canada (recording starts at 50 seconds in)
  • May 28th Hearings - Witnesses National Airline Council of Canada,,Canadian Bus Association, Transport 2000 Canada
  • June 4th Hearings - Witnesses VIA Rail, Vanhorne Institute HSR (hearing starts at 9 minutes)
  • June 18th Hearings - Witnesses Translink Authority Vancouver, Conference Board of Canada (hearing starts at 53 seconds in)
  • November 16th Hearings - Witness CN Rail (there is silence for the first few
  • minutes of the recording)

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