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High-speed rail a solution

BY ALAN CORMIER re: Toronto Star Editorial

Pickering: Remember Mirabel? Letter June 22

We are told that Toronto will be short of airport capacity in the near future and that a second major airport is needed in Pickering.

Not that many years ago, major airport renovations and expansions were carried out in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal at the cost of billions of dollars. Analysts with a broad vision said at the time that nearly one-third of all flights at these three airports were indeed travelling between these three cities only and that a high-speed rail corridor serving these three cities would cancel the need for the airport expansions and the dollars needed for expansion would be sufficient to pay for the high-speed rail. Alas, this was not to be, and the airport expansions went ahead.

Looking at the arrivals/departure boards at the three airports these days suggests still that a high-speed rail service would significantly reduce the airport capacity needs. It is time for Transport Canada do cross modal planning and promote environmentally sustainable ground transportation instead of air travel.

Rail travel is much less affected by inclement weather and can have stops at downtown locations as well as airport locations.


  1. This thinking has become more prevalent - relevant. With all of the by-elections taking place I hope this issue has become a leading platform issue for the candidates. I would not vote for anyone who does not have an improved railway system in their vision. A national rail strategy must be developed.


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