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High Speed Rail Canada Releases Alstom TGV Presentation and Maps for Ontario- Quebec Corridor

Alstom TGV HFR Rail Presentation & Map
Alstom TGV- HFR map presented November 2022

High Speed Rail Canada is proud to release the Alstom TGV-HFR Rail presentation and maps from November 2022 for the public. This is part of of our mandate of educating the public on the benefits of high-speed rail we are making them available at no cost.

Click HERE  to view the presentation and the associated maps. You can also click on the maps icon on our website to view just the maps.


  1. In what context did this presentation happen? Is there serious consideration for HSR again?

    1. Yes this is Alstom proposal for Canada

  2. It would be a dream come true to see the TGV type trains in this corridor. But I’m also pragmatic. The important question is what would be the fare.

  3. Excellent and future oriented proposal. The most population growth is expected to occur in this corridor, and this infrastructure is needed to meet the demand for greater connectivity in the region. It will expand the job market and opportunities available for people in the region, generate economic activity, lift tourism, and cut down on carbon emissions. If Canada is serious and willing to invest in this, we should go for the top speeds to ensure the project actually cuts down on travel times enough to make it a viable alternative to flying or driving.

  4. High *frequency* rail is useless. Still cheaper by car, faster by plane - so there is little consumer benefit in adding frequency of departure. Owning the rails adds reliability but that only means they can support the slow schedule and stop giving discounts when delays happen.
    High *speed* - different story. Now it can reliably compete against the plane.
    Ideally the line comes into Toronto at Summerhill as Union is overloaded by Metrolinx GO. From this location its easier to connect onwards to London.

  5. Unfortunate the proposed route from Tor-Ott misses a very large portion of the population along the 401 (Oshawa, Kingston, Brockville-Cornwall). Alstom’s share of the mess in Ottawa’s LRT continues and is a bad sign for a greenfield project like this. On the positive side, this is a plan i’d support. We need high-speed rail on dedicated tracks in this corridor.


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