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Transpod - The $23 Billion Pipe Dream

Transpod Test Track - September 2022

In a previous article I have talked about three failed hyperloop systems. Elon Musk’s test track is now parking lot, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Virgin Hyperloop. We will now discuss Transpod, a Canadian based company with its own version of a hyperloop capable of going 1000 km/hr.

Transpod had secured US$550 million in funding from a Chinese government owned company,China-East Resources Import & Export Company in cooperation with UK-based Broughton Capital Group.

They are proposing to build a fully functional line between Edmonton-Calgary. In 2025 they will have a fully functional full scale vehicle testing on a test track there. Cost of the line is $23 billion. They are even discussing a Toronto-Montreal line.

But with any unproven technology questions should be asked.


Transpod Press Release, January 22, 2019 stated- They secured a building permit in 2018 for a test track and facility with Hyperloop Limoges to install it in Droux, France. The company will begin testing in 2020.

Transpod Twitter July 23rd, 2019 stated - The technology is under development and we started the construction of the test facility near #Limoges in #France.The next step is to build a full scale test track by 2023 part of #Calgary #Edmonton corridor.

The reality of the situation is quite different. Fast forward three years to September 2021 and no work had begun yet. Transpod admitted a large investor from the Middle East had pulled out but they had secured funding and were moving forward on the site.

October, 2022 Update - Nothing has been built yet.

So not sure how they will have a full scale test track by 2023!


In July 2022, was the big unveiling of their ⅓ size test vehicle. The only thing moving at the event was the computer generated Images/videos.(CGI) The test vehicle did not move forward. For fans of CGI it would have been interesting but for those hoping to see if this would ever be a workable transportation solution it would have been disappointing.

After grabbing a couple screenshots from the youtube videos of the unveiling for this article, I noticed in the two photos it seemed like at least three people were sleeping in the audience…

Transpod Does Not Move

Transpod Does Not Move

So the facts are clear, there are no test tracks, there are no working full scale models capable of going 1000 km/h.

In my opinion the future of Transpod as an efficient modern passenger rail transport system will end up like Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Virgin Hyperloop. It will be another faded pipe dream.

Paul Langan


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