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Siemens Velaro Novo High Speed Trains - 360 km/h Testing in Germany


Siemens Velaro Nova Test Train


Siemens latest high speed trains the VELARO NOVO will travel up to 360km/h. There is currently a test car operating in Germany.


Trains have rarely been as variable as the Velaro Novo. “Variable train” covers all the innovations that make each Velaro Novo unique, for operators and passengers alike. This includes maximizing the available space by 10 percent, and its high-speed range of 280km/h - 360 km/h.

The Velaro Novo’s lightweight body shell is based on the empty tube concept, meaning that there are no permanent installations inside the car and the interior can be furnished according to customer wishes and altered whenever requirements change. The cars have no underseat containers or electrical cabinets in their interior, and their length was enlarged to 28.75 m. Passengers can enjoy the maximum available space. 

“Reduced total costs” covers all aspects that contribute to the overall cost efficiency of the Velaro Novo. A 20 percent reduction in investment costs and 30 percent lower maintenance and servicing costs make the Velaro Novo unique on the market when it comes to cost efficiency.


The Velaro Novo is about 15 percent lighter than previous Velaro generations. We were able to reduce the train’s weight by more than 70 tons.


The Velaro Novo has inbound bogies. With their inbound bearings, the running and traction bogies ensure smoother running, less wear and tear, and better protection from snow, ice and gravel.


“Aerodynamic excellence” describes all the innovations that help optimize the aerodynamics of the Velaro Novo. This includes full housing of the bogies, which will reduce energy consumption by well over 15 percent. These innovations are thus a core element in achieving an overall reduction in energy consumption by up to 30 percent.


“Proven technology” means tried and tested innovation and years of experience: More than 1,000 Velaro trains in use around the world have covered more than 3 billion kilometers at speeds of up to 380 km/h. Since April 2018, all the innovations in the Velaro Novo have been tested using the #seeitnovo test car. During a two-year period, it will travel a total of 100,000 kilometers.


Wouldn’t it be nice if Canada had high speed trains. We deserve better.

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