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The Green Party of Canada has started a campaign to get more funding for VIA Rail. As the Harper government continues to cut VIA Rail services across Canada, VIA's very survival is at risk. To the credit of the Green Party their support for passenger rail renewal has been consistent over the years.

Elizabeth May travelled by train on her Whistle Stop Tour in 2008. In the last federal election the Green Party announced their support for high speed rail in a VIDEO.

Now they have an on-line petition"Get back on Track" you can sign to support renewal of passenger rail.

Here are some good graphs on the Green Party Site regarding Harper government passenger rail declining investment in VIA.

Also Bruce Hyer, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay–Superior North and Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada embarkedon a rail trip from Halifax to Montreal this past Sunday, in order to push for a national transportation strategy and to raise awareness of funding cuts which could mean the end of passenger rail in the Maritimes as early as this summer. Read more here. Save Martime Rail Tour.

Congrats to the Greens for committing to passenger rail investment in Canada.