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High Speed Rail Canada to Release UAC CN Turbo Train Equipment Diagrams

We will be announcing very soon, the ultimate Canadian FREE high speed rail present for all supporters of High Speed Rail Canada. It is no secret we are big fans of reminding Canadians that we had higher speed trains, e.g The UA CN TURBO in the past.

We will have has a pdf download on this blog, the ORIGINAL CN TURBO TRAIN Equipment Location Diagrams Model TMT-7D from United Aircraft Canada. These are simply spectacular.

The UAC CN Turbo ran from 1968 to 1984 in Canada and often had speeds over 200km/h. This has been well documented.

To get pumped up for the Equipment Diagrams release go to our archives and listen to complete official 1967 CN press conference announcing the Turbo. Journey back in time when Canada actually had a vision for high speed rail.

My hope is that some politician/ business leaders in Canada will look at these diagrams and say, YES, we can have high speed trains again in Canada and do it better. Stay tuned for the official press release and download info.