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Ontario- Quebec High Speed Rail Study Delayed

Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study Delayed

April 13,2010...High Speed Rail Canada has discovered that The Governments of Québec, Ontario and Canada feasibility study for high–speed rail (HSR) in the Québec City–Windsor corridor completion has been delayed.

High Speed Rail Canada, is a citizen's national advocacy group dedicated to the education on, and the implementation of, high speed trains in Canada.

The high speed rail feasibility study is being done to update the previous 1995 study on the Ontario-Quebec corridor. EcoTrain Consortium composed of the firms Dessau, MMM Group (formerly Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited), KPMG, Wilbur Smith & Associates and Deutsche Bahn International (DB International) were awarded the $3 million contract in February 2009.

The study was to be completed by now but an investigation by High Speed Rail Canada has revealed that the study is not completed.

According to Bob Nichols, Communications Branch, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the study is moving forward but due to the complexity of issues has been delayed. He was unable to give a date when the study will be completed.

Paul Langan, founder of High Speed Rail Canada, states," It is truly unfortunate that the consultants could not complete the study within the timeframes identified in the study. However, we do not have to wait for this study to be completed to commit to high speed rail in Canada. Thirty years of previous studies have stated that high speed rail is viable option between Ontario and Quebec.

For more information contact Paul Langan, High Speed Rail Canada at 519-654-0089 or