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Chilliwack - Vancouver - Whistler

Chilliwack - Vancouver - Whistler - (MVX) High Speed Rail Studies and Map

Imagine performing an end-to-end trip between Whistler and Chilliwack, and the destinations in between, within an hour on a regional high-speed rail line reaching up to 300 km/hr.
That is the LINK to view the Proposal of the Mountain Valley Express group.  #mvxvision

University of British Columbia Geography Students Study

 01/06/21 - Three high-speed rail route options for the segment between Vancouver and Whistler have been examined by University of British Columbia (UBC) students.

For their final group project in December 2020, published on the university’s blogs website, the University of British Columbia Geography students dived into the topographical and terrain feasibility, with one route option, as envisioned by MVX, following the Sea to Sky Highway. Check out their website.