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High-Speed Rail for Alberta - Can it finally happen?

Alberta to study high-speed rail as part of comprehensive passenger rail plan.

The province of Alberta has completed five studies since 1985 about the possibility of high-speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton. There is no question that corridor is well suited for high-speed trains. It would be the simplest and least costly to implement of any other potential corridor in Canada.

However, no government has moved forward on past study recommendations. It came as a surprise that Premier Danielle Smith has announced a nine million dollar study to look at a comprehensive passenger rail plan for Alberta. Part of that plan would include the Calgary-Edmonton high-speed rail link.

It is a provincial embarrassment that a comprehensive inter-city passenger rail system does not exist in Alberta. We hope the resulting plan recommendations will have positive, constructive ways to move the province of Alberta forward to implement a modern  inter-city passenger rail system. That plan would include high-speed rail as a component of it.

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