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New Study Recommends High-Speed Rail Between Ontario and Quebec

High-Speed Rail Study Cambia Consulting

Cambia Consulting has released a study titled, Build it Right - A Study of HFR/HSR in Canada.

Improving passenger rail and building High-Frequency Rail (HFR) or High-Speed Rail (HSR) in Canada is an important undertaking that will shape the future of this country. If implemented successfully, it will help millions of people each year connect with family and friends, conduct business and explore our country in a clean, safe and efficient way. 

However, if we fail to employ the best design and construction practices, HFR/HSR risks becoming an overbudget boondoggle that under-delivers in providing a quality experience for passengers and may discourage future investments in passenger rail. It is critical that we get it right

Does it makes sense to build High-Speed Rail in Canada? Or is High-Frequency Rail a better option? How should it be built and how much would it cost? This study investigates these questions and concludes that high-speed rail is viable and should be built now, not later.

High Speed Rail Canada Founder Paul Langan states, "We now have added another study to the growing list of studies stating high-speed rail is needed in Canada. It is time for the public to pressure our government to join the modern world and build a high-speed rail line between Ontario and Quebec." 

Here is a LINK to the study. It has been added to the High Speed Rail Canada website.

For further information, contact Lee Haber at Cambia Consulting directly. - 7788778033

About Cambia Consulting - Camia is led by Lee Haber. Lee has a B. Eng. in Civil Engineering (2009), a M. A. Urban Planning from UBC (2015) and extensive work and research experience in the field of transportation. This knowledge combined with his experience in an entrepreneurial settling allows Cambia to see things others might miss.

About High Speed Rail Canada - Formed in 2008, by Paul Langan. It is as a free educational resource for all Canadians to learn about past, present and upcoming studies on high-speed rail in Canada. Their website is


  1. For sure it is a good starting point the Toronto-Montreal but if you don’t consider Quebec City anymore, then +80% of the bill should be paid by Ontario!


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