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High Speed Rail Canada Celebrates 15 Years of Educating Canadians

High Speed Rail Canada is celebrating 15 years of educating Canadians about the benefits of high-speed rail.

The main purpose then and now was to educate Canadians on the benefits of high-speed trains.

High Speed Rail Canada biggest accomplishment was being the number one source for all previous high-speed rail studies in Canada. That included studies relating to Seattle-Vancouver, Edmonton-Calgary and Ontario-Quebec high-speed rail corridors. 

These previous studies are available as a free download to all. Over 867,000 people have accessed the site and the studies there.

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states,”It has been a difficult, but a rewarding objective to ensure the Canadian studies on high-speed, and the truth about the benefits of high-speed rail are made readily available."

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The High Speed Rail Canada website: is the main way information is transmitted to the public. High Speed Rail Canada also utilizes their social media; facebook page, youtube channel and Twitter to get the information out.” 

To learn more about the work of High Speed Rail Canada contact Founder Paul Langan through their website or call 226-505-7605