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Latest News on High-Speed Rail in the State of Washington

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Washington legislators passed Move Ahead Washington, a transportation funding package which dedicates $150 MILLION for high speed rail in the Pacific Northwest. This investment will allow the state to compete for up to a $700 MILLION federal funding match, for a total of $850 MILLION.

For the last five years, WSDOT has studied the benefits of fast trains along the I-5 corridor, which includes $355 billion in economic growth, creation of 200,000 construction jobs, and reducing carbon emissions by 6 million metric tons. With speeds of 250mph+ (402kmh), high speed rail can provide one hour journey times between Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and one hour journey times between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. These journey times will provide game-changing transportation choices competitive with air travel. (Currently, automobile travel and intercity rail service between Seattle-Portland takes 3.5 hours and Seattle-Vancouver takes 4.5 hours.) Preliminary estimates for high speed rail construction occur from 2027 to 2034, with the service opening in 2035.

Cascadia Rail is delighted by the generous investment from Washington State and legislators' continued support of fast, equitable, and sustainable transportation solutions for our region. In addition to high speed rail, this package invests more in multimodal transportation than new highway capacity for the first time in history. The success of Move Ahead Washington was made possible by a groundswell of citizen support, with hundreds of advocates sending in letters, testifying at hearings, and speaking out about #MoveAheadWA.

Thank YOU for making this a reality!

For more, check out this article by Daily Hive:

"Governor Jay Inslee deemed Move Ahead Washington to be the 'cleanest and greenest transportation package in the history of Washington.'

The state government’s funding for the high-speed rail planning component takes advantage of up to $700 million (CA$894 million) in matching federal funding that could be made available by President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion (CA$1.28 trillion) national infrastructure plan.

Funding from both the state and federal governments — potentially up to $850 million (CA$1.09 billion) combined — would push the high speed rail project to a new phase of advanced planning. This would include more detailed technical work, geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies, public consultation, and development on a business case and funding models."