Video of Interior of Refurbished France's OUIGO Low-Cost High Speed Trains



El Periódico de Aragón - as had exclusive access to the interior of the refurbished Euroduplex trains that the low-cost operator France's  OUIGO will use to begin service the 10th of May on the Madrid-Barcelona high speed line. 

The refurbishment has been, apparently, quite superficial. OUIGO sells its tickets at an average of 9€-29€. For comparison, a regular high speed ticket before could cost between 40€ and 120€ on the same route. The train will cover 621km/385miles in 2h 30min on the fastest services and 2h 52min on the one stopping at all 4 stops along the route. 

Ouigo, which will compete with the recently announced AVLO low-cost operator, will expand to other corridors in 2021-2022, as will AVLO.

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