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ABB X2000 - The Forgotten High Speed Train Visit to Canada

ABB X2000 Train
ABB X2000 train, Windsor Ontario July 27th, 1993 - Photo credit Greig Pedler 
The Asea,Brown. Boveri, (ABB) the Swedish rail company had an electric powered  tilting train that operated at 200 km/h in Sweden that they were looking to sell in North America.

It started testing with Amtrak on their electrified corridor in October 1992. It then toured throughout the USA. In 1993, it had a short tour of Canada, as Amtrak wanted the train set back in the USA.

It seems now that it was amazing that  CP Rail was responsible for bringing the X2000 train to Canada. Even more remarkable was that CP Rail and Air Canada were interested in the high speed train potential in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor. 

ABB had made a presentation to the Canadian Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation in 1990 about high speed rail potential in Canada using  their X2000 “Sprintor” trains.

Since the train was electrically powered, it had to be towed behind Amtrak diesel locomotive(s) during  the Canadian stops and travelled at slow speeds. In Canada the train did 4 events/tours.

Windsor, Ontario - No trips, just stationary display -  My memory of the event. 

On July 27th,1993 the Windsor Star did an article on the X2000 high speed train visiting Windsor for public tours. It would be at the CP rail yard (Tecumseh & Janette Ave) . My friend Greig and I were excited to go down and see what a real high speed train looks like. We were not alone. Large crowds gathered at the site.  Unfortunately, there never was going to be a tour of the train. Luckily Greig did capture one photo that day.

Toronto-Guelph Junction - Two trips in one day - no reviews available

Ottawa - Buckingham Junction - Two trips in one day - Excellent review -

Montreal - Rigaud - Two trips in one day - Excellent review - 

Quebec City - La Perade - One trip in one day - no reviews

The ABB X2000 short tour of Canada ended. In the USA, Amtrak bought the Bombardier Acela trains instead of the ABB. Canada added more completed high speed rail studies to the growing pile and no high speed routes were ever established.

EDITORS NOTE: What makes this article most amazing to me is that I forgot I saw the ABB X2000. Recently my friend Greig  sent me a photo of the ABB X2000 train he had taken in Windsor, Ontario in 1993. He wanted to know if I remembered anything about this photo. Then the memories came back.

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