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Happy Holidays and Hope You Can Travel by High Speed Trains in 2020

High Speed Rail Lines Map 2020 To Plan Your Next Trip!

High Speed Rail Lines of Europe, West and East Asia

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. I hope that everyone does get a chance to ride a high speed train in 2020. Here is  a link to the large version of the map of high speed rail lines (original source Wikipedia)


  1. Based on your map Paul, most of the rail lines appear to be of the higher conventional speed type running at less than 200 kph.

    Isn't that what Via Rail's HFR is offering, yet you seem to criticize this recently approved project at every turn, regardless of its usefulness and popularity among the traveling public?

  2. Dear Mr. Langan:

    You'll notice that the majority of the passenger rail lines displayed on your map are enabled for top speeds of 200 kph or less, not for high speed operation!

    As such, most of the high speed development in these countries occurred following the implementation of a solid foundation of passenger rail service encompassing conventional speed trains.

    It was only after full capacity was reached within their respective passenger rail systems, that planners made the decision to gradually expand to high-speed rail.

    Your continued criticism of Via Rail's HFR project, based on your assertions that modernized conventional rail would somehow be ineffective in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, when, in reality, your map proves otherwise, therefore makes the case that you're completely biased towards HSR, using an all-or-nothing approach!

    With gridlock approaching intolerable levels in and out of our large cities, modernized passenger rail offers an obvious, proven method to help mitigate congestion at an affordable, and most importantly, in a politically palatable fashion in order to make this transformation possible!

    I am convinced that most Canadians would rather see the implementation of Via Rail's HFR project in the foreseeable future, in the next 4 to 5 years from now at the most, rather than cling to the disappointing and unrealistic notion that our political process, including most Canadians who are completely unfamiliar with high speed rail, will somehow embrace HSR and approve the construction of a project that would take at least 10 years to complete, at great cost.

    Mr. Langan, I ask that you again consider the above-mentioned and subsequently join the vast majority of passenger rail enthusiasts in supporting Via Rail's HFR, so that you and I will be able to experience some form of modernized passenger rail in our lifetimes!

    Your dream of high speed rail may yet materialize following a few years of exposure to HFR!

    With Kind Regards,

    Marc Lemieux


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