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Comparing Spain's AVLO High Speed Trains vs VIA Rail Canada

High Speed Trains and Low Fares with AVLO in Spain

Renfe chief Isaías Táboas in front of an AVLO train

RENFE has announced some fare details on their new high speed rail discount  train service named ALVO. Let us compare VIA Rail Canada Toronto -Montreal service and Madrid to Barcelona service. (taking into consideration Madrid to Barcelona is a greater distance than Toronto to Montreal)

The head of Renfe, Isaías Táboas stated in El Pais, "My proposal to the board will be to have a range of prices from €10 to €60 per trip. This is not a promotional price but rather a price scale that will depend on demand at any given time. Of course, there are not going to be €10 tickets for everyone, but at some point everyone will be able to buy an AVLO ticket for €10 to travel between Madrid and Barcelona. So on April 6, there will be tickets for €10.”


Madrid to Barcelona - distance - 621km

Speed - 300 km/h - max 330km/hr

Trip Time - 2hr.30min

Cost - €10 - 14.59 cad, €60 - 87.57 cad


Toronto to Montreal - distance less only 546km

Speed - 100 km/hr - max 160 km/hr

Trip Time - 4hr 49min.

Cost - $110. for limited Escape Fares to $454.00 for Economy Plus

It is chilling to see just how far behind Canada is when it comes to modern passenger rail. If the federal government gives VIA Rail $4 Billion for their ill fated high frequency rail proposal, the costs for the service will increase and the direct trip times between Toronto and Montreal will only see incremental improvements (19min) in trip time.

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