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Remembering When High Speed Trains Were Built In Canada

It is hard to imagine but we did use to manufacture high speed trains in Canada. You have to go back to the mid 1960s when Canadian National built the TurboTrain.

The TurboTrains  were built by Montreal Locomotive Works, with their ST6 engines supplied by UAC's Canadian division (now Pratt & Whitney Canada) in Longueuil, Quebec

Times are definitely different now. In 2012, Caterpillar Inc closed its Electro-Motive locomotive plant in London, Ontario.

In July 2019, Bombardier announced it will cut up to half its work force at Thunder Bay rail-car plant. This was after Bombardier had severely mismanaged orders for the Toronto Transit Commission.

We can build modern high speed trains in Canada if the corporate, public and political will was there to  support it.

Here is a link to a larger photo of the Turbo trains being built.