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Britain's National High Speed Rail College Trains Youth for the Future

The Canadian federal government, Infrastructure Bank and VIA Rail all set to spend $4 billion on a passenger rail system that will never be high speed rail. It will not be built grade separated so true  high speeds cannot be achieved. Yet in other parts of the world, educational institutions are training their youth for a future in the high speed rail industry

In England the National High Speed Rail College in Birmingham and Doncaster are producing a new generation of highly-skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future high speed rail workforce.

According to their website, the college has been set up to provide training and work experience to learners aged 18 and above in all aspects of what makes a modern railway. That’s not just engineering and wearing hard hats anymore either, we’re talking about creating great passenger experiences, innovation and design as well. We want to create a new generation of employees, from loads of different backgrounds and with the skills to take on any challenge, to help the rail industry move forwards.

Here are just some of the educational opportunities at the college.

  • Apprenticeship in High Speed Rail and Infrastructure Advanced Technician
  • Apprenticeship  Associate Project Manager
  • Degree High Speed Rail and Infrastructure
  • Diploma Program Access to Higher Education in Engineering
  • Certificate Program Higher Education in High Speed Rail and Infrastructure

So for those  Canadians wanting to educated on high speed rail check out their website: .