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Bombardier Zefiro Trains Keep Evolving 14 Years After Inception

High Speed Rail Canada adds a Bombardier Zefiro playlist to their Youtube Channel.

In 2005, Bombardier announced a new series of very high speed trains called "Zefiro". Over the years this brand has included a variety of high speed trains.

The trains were advertised as:

  • Unrivalled flexibility of applications
  • Speeds ranging from 200 to 380 km/h
  • Flexible train length up to 429 m or 16 cars
  • Scalable traction power
  • Interior and exterior noise reduction
  • Automatic train protection (ATP) for the highest levels of safety and flexibility

Here is an example of the Zefiro trains that were developed and are operating.

  • Zefiro 250 (China Railways CRH1)
  • Zefiro 300 (Bombardier in association with AnsaldoBreda to Trenitalia, the Italian national railway) 
  • Zefiro 380 China Railways CRH380D

Zefiro Express

Bombardier Zefiro Express EMU Train to Run in Sweden

The latest addition to the Zefiro family is the Zefiro Express. In 2018, Bombardier Transportation officially announced the order for Västtrafik.

Västtrafik is the agency responsible for public transport services in the county of Västra Götaland, Sweden.  The manufacturer calls the new EMUs ‘high-speed electric multiple unit trains’. The contract includes an option for 60 additional trains. The trains can travel at 200km/h.

The three-car trains are designed for high capacity, premium passenger comfort, low operational cost, and the ability to operate under the harsh weather conditions prevalent in Nordics. They are expected to be in operation in 2021.

To celebrate the Bombardier Zefiro trains, High Speed Rail Canada on their youtube channel as added a playlist of Zefiro products. CLICK here to watch them.