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VIA Rail and the High Frequency Rail Myth - 25% Reduced Trip Times

Will the Canadian government spend $4 billion resulting in the same trip times between Toronto and Montreal as in 1973?

One of the biggest unsubstantiated statements by VIA Rail is their proposed high frequency rail line will reduce trip times by 25%.

What data have VIA Rail released to show how this reduced travel time will be accomplished?  The answer is simple. VIA Rail has not even released any data to the public to support that statement or even the exact routing of the line.

Current VIA trains tips between Toronto and Montreal is  about 5hrs and 5hrs 17min on the main line.

Even if VIA Rail could obtain a 20% reduction in trip times it would result in travel times like we had in 1973 around 4hours.(and  this percentage reduction would take a leap of faith).

Travelling along the old Ontario-Quebec (CP) Rail line has many level crossings, a winding route, travelling through small communities and the reduced speed to enter and leave Montreal and Toronto.

In 1973, the CN Turbo train took 3hrs 59min between the same two cities on the main line VIA Rail is now running on. Here is the CN video to demonstrate this fact.

How can the government spend $4 billion where the result of spending that money will be train trip times that we had in 1973? VIA Rail's High Frequency Rail plan continues Canada's reputation as having one of the slowest, outdated, and inefficient passenger rail systems in the modern world.


  1. When the frak is VIA going to buy and use the JetTrain from Bombardier?��

  2. Why has travel time between Montreal and Toronto increased by more than an hour since 1973? Amtrak and VIA are surely tied as the worst rail system among First World countries. High speed rail is even coming soon to Morocco!


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