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When Canada Had Magnetic Levitation Trains - Vancouver Expo 1986

When Canada Had Maglev Trains - Vancouver  Expo 1986

HSST Train at Expo 1986 - Vancouver, BC -Photos by by Chris Guenzler

It might be hard to imagine given the current state of Canada's passenger rail system that at one short period in our history we had the most technological modern passenger train  operating in Vancouver.

According to the official Expo Guide for 1986, - Go for the future aboard the HSST (High Speed Surface Train) of Japan Air Lines. Ride the 450 meters of the demonstration rail, admire the 1000 square meter diorama of a futuristic city. The HSST moves floating on electromagnetic modules and can safely and efficiently transport a large number of passengers, while ensuring speed, economy, comfort and cleanliness.

Three HSST test vehicles have been developed to shuttle between airports and cities. These vehicles have already reached top speeds in excess of 300 kilometers per hour. The demonstration HSST at EXPO 86 carries 40 passengers.

Here is an extremely rare video showing the outside and inside the HSST Maglev train operating at Expo 1986. The Vancouver video starts at 1:30sec.

HSST Facts

  • Expo 86 - World in Motion, World in Touch - Vancouver, BC, Canada 1986
  • Dates Open - May 2, 1986 to October 13, 1986
  • HSST-03 - Magnetic Levitation Train - maglev
  • by HSST Development Corporation (Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corporation)
  • HSST, (high speed surface transport) 2 minute ride behind Japan.
  • 400- metre test track - Very successful with long line-ups to ride the short trip
  • Removed after EXPO was completed.

Hope you enjoyed this history of Canada's magnetic levitation train experience


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