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UPDATED: The Latest News on High Speed Rail in Ontario

Wynne says fast trains the route to economic prosperity

Terry Pender - Waterloo Record - April 7th, 2018 -  Premier Kathleen Wynne believes a high-speed rail line will unlock the economic potential of the technology cluster between here and Toronto. "I am very committed to this," said Wynne.

During campaign-like appearances in London and Kitchener on Friday, Wynne talked about her government's future vision for the province — a place where high-speed trains carry people to good-paying jobs along the Toronto Waterloo Region Corridor, which is second only to Silicon Valley for the number of tech workers and is responsible for 17 per cent of Canada's GDP. Read the full article HERE.

Here’s what the Liberal’s proposed Toronto-Waterloo high-speed rail system would mean for the Waterloo housing market

Sarah Niedoba - BuzzNews Canada - April 5th, 2018 - Last week, Ontario’s Liberal government released its proposed budget for the next three years. One of the promises that generated the most buzz is a $11 billion Toronto-Waterloo high speed rail line. What would such a project mean for Waterloo property values? Only good things, according to local realtors. Read full article  HERE

Are we getting high speed rail or not?

Shen Liu - 106.9 The X - London, ON, Canada - April 03, 2018 - Ontario has committed about $11 billion to support construction of a high speed rail network. The environment assessment will take 18 to 24 months and this alone will cost about $15 million. Shen interviews High Speed Rail Canada founder Paul Langan about the chances of high speed rail coming to Ontario. Read article HERE.

Province to fast-track high-speed rail assessment

CTV Kitchener Published - March 6, 2018 - When it comes to the province’s high-speed rail line, though, part of the assessment could be done in as little as six months. Read Article HERE.


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