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Can Canada Learn from Italo High Speed Trains Success Story?

Italo Private High Speed Rail Company in Italy

It has been a difficult journey for the two Italian businessmen that started up the idea of  a private company operating Italo high speed rail trains in Italy. It has been a success. Nearly 13 million passengers have traveled on Italo’s sleek red trains in 2017, while revenue rose by a quarter and core earnings jumped 64 percent last year. Twelve years after inception Italo HSR has broke even.

To suggest the "privatization" of passenger rail in Canada causes fear among some rail advocates. Add in the fact that passenger rail travels on rails owned my mega freight rail companies and it seems like a difficult solution.

True high speed rail solves the problem of the travelling on freight rails as they would have their own designated corridor. High speed rail would also solve the problem of ensuring  VIA Rail Inc. is not involved. VIA Rail Inc. does not support high speed rail.

Maybe the time is right for a new modern era of  passenger rail in Canada by allowing privatization of our passenger rails.