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Excitement Builds Anticipating the Release of the Vancouver to Seattle High Speed Rail Study

We do like the hype that is happening regarding the release of the Vancouver to Seattle High Speed Rail Study.

Here are some media highlights:

1. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is optimistic about creating a high-speed train to connect Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle. LINK

2. Washington state is exploring whether Canada's new infrastructure bank could help finance a multibillion-dollar proposal for high-speed rail between Vancouver and the U.S. northwest. LINK

3. Premier John Horgan talks about high-speed rail connecting Vancouver and Seattle and some potential issues. LINK

4. A blog asking the question, Crossing the Border: Is The High-Speed Rail A Good Idea For Vancouver? LINK

We at High Speed Rail Canada are supportive of modernizing the Seattle to Vancouver passenger rail route. A few salient points that would have to be addressed are:

  • Cross Border Crossing Times - It killed the Toronto-Sarnia-Chicago train and would have to be resolved.
  • Cost - Early estimates suggest a $27-$42 billion price tag. That amount eclipses the total amount of money available from the new Canada Infrastructure Bank.
  • Route and NIMBY - The Not in My Backyard movements are increasingly strong due to the electronic age we live. They can mobilize quickly. The proposed route will surely face a tough road ahead from our litigious neighbours to the south. Look at the example in Florida with the new privately financed Brightline passenger rail line and the hostility it faced.
  • The Trump Factor - There is an uneasiness on both sides of the border about doing anything collaborative between our two countries with the current USA president.

Let us not tell our British Columbia high speed rail supporters that are over 20 Ontario HSR studies  sitting on the shelve. We can only hope they will not have to wait as long to modernize their cross border passenger rail service.