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Pontypool Ontario the Next Stop for VIA Rail trains?

Pontypool the Next Stop for VIA Rail

For those in the public that have never been up that way, here is a video of the CP running a freight through Pontypool

Passenger rail  history buffs are excited about VIA Rail's proposed milk run from Toronto - Peterborough into Ottawa.  VIA Rail officials are courting politicians along the line and promising their community might have passenger rail service restored that had been abandoned for over a half of century.

With the media announcing that Sharbot Lake is getting service again, the guessing name of where VIA will stop next on their slow speed, multiple stop 1950s style passenger rail service, has begun.
Now come news from Kawathra Lakes Region that Pontypool  Ontario will be pushing for a stop on the  VIA Rail milk run.

Pontypool is probably best known lately for the filming of the budget conscious Zombie movie named after the community.

Pontypool Railway Station and Grain Elevator

It has been awhile since the railway station platform at Pontypool was filled with passengers. This 1908 photo shows the station packed with people.

Pontypool Railway Station circa 1908

Many people from the Toronto area would take the train to vacation in Pontyool. This photo shows Toronto folks at the busy station.

Toronto People Loved Ponypool

The area where the station was still has the grain elevator standing next to it. The grain elevator is rare with only 2 of its kind in Ontario.  Locals have done the right thing to restore the elevator.

Recent photo of Pontypool grain elevator next to tracks and former station location.
Of course  the love of  rail history and obscure railway stations should not distract us from the fundamental question; How many places will the VIA Rail proposed slow speed service stop at?

Originally Perth Ontario was going to be a stop on the line but lately only Tweed, Peterborough, Sharbot Lakes and Smith Falls are mentioned in the media as stops on the line.

We  will give you for the third  time the LINK  to the original 1967 schedule of the line. Have fun and guess where VIA Rail will stop next on their proposed line!