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If the VIA Rail train is going through Perth, it will stop here says Mayor of Perth

Well it seems like barely a week or so goes by when the VIA Rail milk run idea to run slow trains on the old Ontario & Quebec railway line is in the news.

perth railway station
Could these be the site of the new Perth Railway Station

The Mayor of Perth John Fennik was one of the first ones to dream that Perth will get a stop on the proposed VIA Rail $5 billion boondoggle. The media has released some of VIA's secret plan map and sadly Perth is not on it. The thriving Sharbot Lake, population 1,413 (per amalgamation) seems to have won the battle to get a stop on the VIA Rail milk run.

Recently news out of Perth council  has stated they support the VIA RAIL proposed slow train service. Mayor Fennik has declared, "If the train is going through Perth, it will stop here."

Redraw the map add Pontypool and Perth. Then add another hour on to the schedule to ensure the train is even slower than the existing train on the mainline.