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High Speed Rail Canada Updates List of the Previous 22 High Speed Rail Studies in Ontario

High Speed Rail Canada is releasing to the public the an updated list of the previous 22 studies that been completed relating to Ontario high speed rail. Press Release (04/27/2017) - High Speed Rail Canada is Canada's only advocacy groups dedicated to promoting the modernization of passenger rail in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada is the authority on previous high speed rail historical studies in Ontario and Alberta.

They are announcing they have updated the Ontario list and have included links to 3 more Ontario high speed rail studies that were previously not available to the public.
The studies added to the list are:
  •  1990 - Sprintor, Pre-feasibility Study, Windsor-Quebec Rail Corridor, ABB Canada Inc
  • 1990 The Canadian TGV Project - Bombardier, GEC, Alstom
  • 1991 Groupe de travail train rapide QuebecOntario Rapport Final 
High Speed Rail Canada's mandate is to educate people on the benefits of modern passenger rail. They do it through their website, Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter ;@HSRCanada and public educational sessions.

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states," One of the original goals of the organization was to find all of the previous high speed rail studies done. Our list in Ontario has now grown to 22. We are hoping the next study due out in May 2017 (The Collenette Report) will be good news and we can start to build a high speed rail line like many other countries have enjoyed for decades."

To see the list of all the Ontario studies and download links go to our website at or call Paul Langan at 519-654-0089 or email highspeedrailcanada(at)