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David Collenette`s Ontario High Speed Rail Study to Be Released In May, 2017

Riding on Canada's Last High Speed Rail Train - The Turbo Train in the 1970s

Multiple sources are stating the long awaited David Collenette report on the business case for high speed rail between, Windsor,London, Kitchener and Toronto will be released in May.

What the study will actually say is of interest to many? Just recently Liberal Deb Matthews seemed to state the high speed rail plan  was just being studied with no commitment to implmentation.

High Speed Rail Canada will be watching closely and analyzing the study. We also wonder what the definition of "high speed" will be? At the very least the trains should travel over 200km/h. Which would have been the definition over a decade ago. Now it is routine for high speed trains to travel 300km/h.

Unfortunately in the United States of America the definition of "high speed" has been severely modified to basically mean any train running on newer tracks!

In Canada, the term for "high speed trains" has also become confusing. VIA Rail Canada invented the term "high frequency rail" to basically hide the fact that their proposed plan would involve train speeds similar to ones Canada had in the 1970s!

What we expect to see is some sort of hybrid system to meet the unique Ontario situation. Stay tuned for more information.

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