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Passenger Rail Advocacy in Canada - We Need You!

It is interesting when I look at all the forums, social media and wonder to myself, why in this modern era of information technology is there such a low number of people advocating on a national level for better inter-city passenger rail service?

There are groups that fight locally to bring back/improve passenger rail service. Here are a few examples: Southwestern Ontario groups, Algoma Passenger Rail and Passenger Rail for Vancouver Island.

Nationally there are just two groups.

Transport Action Canada (and its chapters) have been around since 1977 fighting for improved passenger rail service. They are long time supporters of VIA Rail Canada. The group is aging and are in need of new members so they can carry out more advocacy. Join them. It only costs $30. a year.

High Speed Rail Canada is the group I formed in 2008. It was formed to educate people on high speed rail. So many Canadians think HSR is futuristic. Yet HSR has been around for over a half a century in other parts of the world.

Another reason I chose to start HSRC is I could also no longer support VIA Rail Canada whose fares were ridiculously high and their arrogant management style (see VIA Rail vs Hon. Herb Gray and Paul Langan  fight to get them to make the CAN RAIL Pass available to Canadians)

We currently do not charge a membership fee. Our social media and e-newsletter are the main ways we communicate with the public. I also try and do visits to cities for Lets Talk Trains meet and greets in a restaurant/bar. Please sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us by email, subscribe to our posts, visit our twitter,facebook and youtube page. Even better write a guest blog post for us. These have been popular on our website.

People always ask me why Canada does not have better passenger rail service. You can blame CN, VIA Rail Canada and the Politicians.  The real reason for our dismal national passenger rail system is the people of Canada have not risen up and demanded better passenger rail service. Get involved, we need you.

Paul Langan,
Founder High Speed Rail Canada


  1. I am immensely deceived about Via Rail and Transport Canada policies toward any quick rail service in "Central Canada", I apologize to our western Canada Petrol mad blue eyed arabs. but logic leads us, canadians (Whatever that may mean) to a fast rail passenger service. It is today, as it has been in the past, a huge needed investment to our future. When the waters will eat up our coastlines, as they have already begun, where will we go, how will we travel, and how will we stop it from drowning most of us. Will we be good humans or just blatant ordinary humans. The choice is ours. And a brand new pickup is not the right answer, for sure.


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