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Video Added to High Speed Rail Canada Youtube Channel Turbo Train Playlist

Turbo Train photo by John Stewart

For subscribers of our newsletters you already had access to this short video clip of the legendary CN Turbo train. We have added it to our Turbo Train Playlist on our YouTube Channel  .It is getting harder to find any Turbo train quality footage from when Canada's only high speed train ran between Ontario and Quebec.

Here is the complete Playlist of the Turbo Train videos on our Channel.

  • 1967 - Rare Early film - features slides, footage, turbo train  model - 1:35min
  • 1970 - Professional Shot Turbo Train Film - 23min.- Shot professionally for CN
  • Date unknown - 3:59 - Turbo Train - The Lost Film - 5min. Shot professionally for CN
  • 1968 - Passenger Train - CN Turbo Train and Rapido Trains -4min 47 sec.- Super rare silent film shows not on the Turbo but also the Rapido trains with great onboard footage.
  • 1968 - UAC CN Turbo Train film - 1min. 16 sec. - 1968 professionally shot by Pathe Films England
  • 1968 - Turbo Train Newsreel Footage - 6min. 22nd - from the National Film Board archives - silent with watermarks.
  • 1968 - Short Turbo Train Footage - 1 min. - from the National Film Board archives - silent with watermarks.

Enjoy watching the films. It was truly a magical time in Canada's passenger rail history when we actually were a leader in developing modern high speed trains.