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VIA RAIL Plan: Tweed Ontario

VIA RAIL - CPR Abandoned Rail  Line Through Tweed Ontario

Our last blog on the VIA RAIL plan to use the old Ontario/Quebec CPR long abandoned rail line was a popular read. Long time supporters of VIA RAIL hope bringing this rail line to life will save VIA RAIL.

Sometimes though the truth is in the details. There was a reason CPR downgraded the line to secondary status over a 100 years ago as their mainline for the quicker lakeshore route. Let us look at the beautiful community of Tweed Ontario where VIA RAIL hopes to have  their frequent slow passenger trains travel through.

Here is a LINK to large version of the map. Seems there maybe some challenges for VIA. Here are some of the obvious ones: Six level crossings, private property to buy and in the upper right hand corner a new rail bridge to build!

Thankfully VIA RAIL has never promised high speed trains, so I would think the train speeds through Tweed would be about 5mph.


  1. Is it somehow impossible to deviate from the old CPR RoW and build a new section of bypass north of Tweed?

    Just because you're reusing the RoW doesn't mean you have to slavishly follow it in its entirety. Follow it where it makes sense to and deviate from it where also makes sense to.

  2. Yes there are always options. Unfortunately VIA Rail has not provided anything specific.


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