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Kim Pedersen - The Monorail Expert - Passes On

Kim and Carol Pedersen
It is with great sadness that I have learned about the passing of Kim Pedersen the founder of the Monorail Society. I started contacting Kim about 25 years. I had collected some local monorail history in Ontario and PEI and wanted to share it with him.

I also thought at the time that Niagara Falls Ontario would be a great city to put a monorail in and wanted some advocacy suggestions. I was always amazed at his passion for monorails. His website was the bible on everything monorail. He even wrote a book on them. He helped update everyone about what was going on around the world as it related to monorails.

A bunch of years had passed and I emailed him some questions and as usual he was gracious to answer them. He definitely influenced me in rail advocacy. His passion for monorails went far beyond what I could  ever muster up relating to fighting for improved speeds with passenger rail in Canada.

Here is a neat video of when he built a small monorail in his backyard. My thoughts go out to his family. Paul Langan