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Guest Blog - Stop Playing Politics With High Speed Rail

by Anonymous -Mobility via road transportation is almost at a standstill in the Quebec City/Windsor corridor and we must now look at train travel as the missing third link in order to allow people to move from A to B in a quick, safe, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

It is so sad to see that other developed countries realized this long ago and have invested long-term in railways as a viable alternative to the automobile and short- to medium-length airline travel.

As a result of our short-term thinking, Canada is at least 50 years behind the times when it comes to rail travel.

And we have no excuse for being in the dark in terms of finding transportation solutions as most Canadians have access to a wealth of information via the internet...

Also, a lot of us have travelled to Europe and have literally emerged in shock after witnessing their seamless transportation systems that allow a passenger upon disembarking a plane to quickly make the transition to other forms of transport such as intercity rail, ferries, buses, etc.

Isn't time that we stop playing politics and stop using excuses such as subsidization to prevent any attempts at revitalizing rail transportation in Canada since all forms of transportation are subsidized one way or another, either directly or indirectly!

We have to admit to it once and for all, that suburbia simply isn't sustainable or workable in the long term and that we must rethink and find solutions for our transportation woes, not to mention the proper and intelligent steps to safeguard our environment and planet!

Unfortunately, I personally feel that Canada will never get high speed rail because there are higher forces at play here that will prevent this viable and realistic solution from ever being implemented!


  1. I completely agree with your article. If the general population of Canada would be made aware as to how backwards we are in terms of passenger rail compared to Europe and the rest of the world, most citizens would demand that similar high-speed rail systems be built as soon as possible in the Quebec-Windsor corridor so as to ease congestion and hence, personal mobility.

  2. Totally agree... Hsr would connect distant communities, give people more choices for employment, decongest major highways and improve the lives of people with access.

    Nearly 50% of Canadians would benefit from a line running between Windsor and Quebec city


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