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Guest Blog Posting - High Speed Rail in Canada

by Alex Naughton  - The charismatic and youthful Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is much admired around the world as the leader of the world\'s leading liberal democracy - i.e. Canada. Here in Britain, Canada is increasingly much admired as a beacon of hope and inclusive, liberal democracy and politics.

In light of the unfortunate election of Donald Trump in the USA which sees that country apparently heading in a retrograde direction, Canada has an opportunity to be a leading force for liberal politics and as a democratic country that is open, inclusive and welcoming to the world. Brand Canada already has many high regarded and well known brands such as The Canadian train service, Air Canada, Four Seasons Hotels, Canadian Pacific Railroad, Bombardier, Rocky Mountaineer luxury land cruise train, etc. It has a growing reputation for iconic names in the entertainment industry such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Michael Buble, Ryan Gosling etc. Why not move towards global excellence by developing high speed rail?

I feel that a good opportunity for Canada to lead the way in thinking in North America is in high speed rail. Examples in Europe and elsewhere show that high speed rail and investment in infrastructure can enhance competitiveness of a country and make it more attractive for businesses.

Has Canada considered developing a high speed rail network? A great corridor to consider could be Quebec City - Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto - Windsor. This could even go across to Detroit and Chicago in the USA in the future perhaps. This corridor is the most populated corridor in Canada and would be great for a prestigious high speed rail service showcasing Canada.

Canada should lead the way with this for North America and create a high speed rail network on this corridor and give it a distinctive brand showcasing Canada. This would be wonderful especially as 2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canada.

It would be a great postiive development for Canada and help it remain dynamic and competitive into the future.