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Quebec commercial groups backing high-frequency train

Life in - Via Rail’s high-frequency rail project (TGF) is so “promising” that a dozen chambers of commerce in cities located along the Montreal-Quebec corridor, including those of both cities, are asking elected officials for their support.

“Let us join the future by giving us an infrastructure worthy of the 21st century,” write their leaders in an open letter. “And do it quickly.”

This train project aims to expand and facilitate travel between major Canadian cities on the Quebec-Windsor axe, in particular, the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto route.

The amount of daily passenger trains could triple in the Montreal-Quebec corridor, and travel time shall decreases significantly.

There are many benefits of this project, say the many CEOs of the Chambers of Commerce: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, less traffic congestion, productivity gains – both for passengers and for freight transport, etc.

The airports in Montreal and Quebec would be better used. The same can also be said for educational institutions.

Specifically, regarding the economic Montreal-Quebec corridor, where the cities of the signatories are located, “Many benefits can be found if the connection of communities is more efficient, both on the north shore and on the south shore.”

The Chambers of commerce therefore request the support of all municipal, provincial and federal governments. “The entire province would benefit from faster, more reliable, green and more frequent intercity transportation, between the city and the national capital,” write the signatories.