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Via lobbying against high-speed rail system that would halve travel time from London to Toronto

via rail

by Jonathan Sher London Free Press - Excellent article  on how VIA ignores passenger rail west of Toronto.


  1. It's a big disappointment to keep reading that the Via CEO is opposed to Canada having high speed rail. His idea of having a dedicated line between Montreal and Toronto, that only has trains doing around the same speed as they currently do is just pathetic. I really hope that the Canadian Government rejects his proposal and comes out in favour of High Speed Rail. Hopefully all you good people of Canada will lobby your politicians about this.

    The current Via CEO just seems to have no ambition for either Via Rail or Canadian Railways in general. In my opinion he should at the very least be pushing for a regular passenger train service to be reinstated between Toronto, Sudbury, Regina, Calgary, Banff and Vancouver and also between Montreal, Sherbrooke and Saint John. Surely it can't be asking too much for him to be removed from his post, and for Via to appoint a CEO that's got a lot more aspiration.


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