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Premier Kathleen Wynne has called negotiations challenging with railroads to improve rail sevice Kitchener-Toronto

No surprise here that freight rail companies do not want passenger rail on their lines. That is why hgh speed trains on dedicated track is the only answer to the problem.  Kitchener Record -


  1. Full credit to Kathleen Wynne and the Toronto Mayor for pushing for better rail links between Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo. Both Via and GO Transit currently provide a very limited service between these two locations, it badly needs improving. I shall be coming over to Canada from England again this year. I'll be spending a few days in Toronto. I wanted to take a day trip out to Kitchener. However, the level of service provided makes this very difficult.

  2. Just eliminating all the time passenger trains spend waiting for 'higher-priority' freight trains to keep moving would dramatically improve the time it takes ViaRail passengers to get across the country.


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