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Helsinki Finland and Tallinn Estonia to have High Speed Rail Line.

Helsinki, Finland (population 599,676 in 2012) and Tallinn, Estonia  (population- 407,947 in 2012) are planning a high speed rail tunnel. Another high speed rail debunking the myth that Canada does not have the population to support one.

High Speed Rail Finland
Proposed HSR Tunnel

RTT News -  Finland and Estonia of the European Union are planning to create an underwater high-speed train tunnel to connect their capitals. The fifty-mile tunnel will be the longest submarine tunnel in the world.

The new tunnel will connect Helsinki to Tallin directly and will cut short the travel time to 30 minutes from the current ferry time of 2 hours 30 minutes.

The tunnel at a cost of 9-13 billion euros is expected to help increase trade between the countries and to develop a twin-city area.

Finnish and Estonian economies are closely related, and more than 60 thousand Estonians have found their employment in Finland. Currently there are 7.5 million travelers using the ferry annually.