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How Japan's Bullet Train Is Taking Over The World

Japan Central Railway
GIZMODO - The shinkansen — Japan’s bullet train that brought high-speed rail to the world in 1963 — is as symbolic for the nation as sushi and cherry blossoms. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to export it across the world. And so far, he seems to be doing just that.

Although high-speed rail has flourished in countries like Japan, China, Germany, and France for decades, the transportation innovation is gaining more ground recently. Both developing nations and advanced economies like the US are now aggressively pursuing the technology. Japan’s pushing hard to be the number-one high-speed rail supplier.

Earlier this year, we reported on how JR Central, the company behind Japan’s shinkansen, is working with private companies in Texas to build a near-exact shinkansen replica linking Dallas and Houston. Since then, more places across the world have started working with Japan to bring the bullet train to their cities, as well