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Press Release: High Speed Rail Canada - VIA RAIL Slow Train Coming to Ontario

High Speed Rail Canada has written a critique of recent media reports from VIA RAIL CEO Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano about plans for increased passenger rail service in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor. Press Release (11/09/2015) - High Speed Rail Canada is Canada's only advocacy groups dedicated to promoting the modernization of passenger rail in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada's mandate is to educate people on the benefits of modern passenger rail. They do it through their website , Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter ;@HSRCanada and public educational sessions.

Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano has stated that VIA RAIL is looking at building dedicated track for passenger rail service between Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal. He has stated that it would not be high speed.

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states," With the new federal Liberal government we are at a pivotal time in passenger rail history in this country. We need for VIA RAIL to engage the public and promote modern passenger rail service in Canada that the rest of the world has enjoyed for decades. Unfortunately the VIA RAIL future plans falls short on both points."

To view the High Speed Rail Canada critique of VIA RAIL CLICK HERE. If that is slow, here is a FAST LINK. To learn more about High Speed Rail Canada or to contact founder Paul Langan go to


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