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High Speed Rail Canada Recommends a Change in Government in Canada!

We are asking supporters of passenger rail in Canada to vote for any party other than the Conservative Party of Canada. The Harper government has clearly shown they have no vision for passenger rail in this country and VIA Rail continues to lag decades behind passenger services around the world.

The NDP has stated in their private members bills about the need for a VIA RAIL Act and Regulations. The Liberals have talked about an infusion of money for transit in this country. Only the Green Party has publicly stated in their platform support for improved passenger rail in Canada and dared to mention high speed rail.

High Speed Rail Canada is asking you to vote for a local NDP, LIBERAL, or GREEN Candidate who is supportive of passenger rail. It does not matter if your local Conservative candidate is supportive of passenger rail because they have no voice in the Stephen Harper government.

Please vote for change today. Anybody but the Conservatives. Paul Langan, Founder, High Speed Rail Canada.