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PRESS RELEASE: High Speed Rail Canada adds rare Turbo Train Video to their Youtube Channel

 High Speed Rail Canada has loaded over 6 minutes of footage of the CN Turbo train from 1968 on their Youtube Channel. Press Release (10/30/2015) - High Speed Rail Canada is Canada's only advocacy groups dedicated to promoting the modernization of passenger rail in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada's mandate is to educate people on the benefits of modern passenger rail. They do it through their website , Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter ;@HSRCanada and public educational sessions.

The Turbo train ran in Canada’s from 1968-1982. It holds the record in Canada for the fastest train with 226 km/h. That record was set in 1976.

High Speed Rail Canada has obtained 6 minutes of silent 1968 footage of the Turbo train with excellent interior and exterior footage of the train..

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states," Anytime we find footage of the Turbo Train we are excited. Even though this footage is silent, has watermarks and time stamps on it, the footage is spectacular. Almost 40 years later and Canada’s present VIA RAIL trains can’t match the speed record set by the Turbo. We are excited to have the largest collection of audio and video recordings of the Turbo train in Canada available to the public.”

To view the Turbo train video go to the High Speed Rail Canada Youtube Channel.  To learn more about High Speed Rail Canada or to contact founder Paul Langan go to