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Twenty Ontario Quebec High Speed Rail Studies - Do you know more?

Lynx High Speed Rail
Well Rick Mercer's fantastic video clip about Canada being a leader in high speed rail studies made me think. Exactly how many Ontario - Quebec high speed rail studies have been done? Here is the list that we have come up. Feel free to add your comments at the bottom identify the studies we have missed.

1. 1970 - Inter-City Passenger Transport Study - Canadian Transport Commission

2. 1980 - Alternative to Air: A Feasibility Concept for the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Corridor  - Canadian Institute of Guided Ground Transportation on behalfd of the Transportation Centre of Transport Canada.

3. 1984 - High Speed Passenger Rail in Canada, VIA Rail Canada

4. 1989 - Review of Passenger Rail Transportation in Canada, VIA Rail Canada,

5. 1989 - Pre-feasibility Study of High Speed Rail Services in the Quebec-Montreal- Ottawa/Hull-Toronto Corridor, Bombardier

6. 1990 - Sprintor, Pre-feasibility Study, Windsor-Quebec Rail Corridor, ABB Canada Inc.

7. 1991 - Ontario/Quebec Rapid Train Task Force, Ontario and Quebec Governments

8. 1991 - High Speed Rail Market Assessment - Air Canada/CP Rail

9. 1992 - Fast Tracks - Options for High Speed Rail in Canada - VIA Rail

10. 1994 - 1994 Improving a Fragile Linear Logit Model Specified for High Speed Rail Demand Analysis in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor of Canada - University of Montreal

11. 1995 - Quebec-Ontario High Speed Rail Project - Government of Canada, Ontario and Quebec Governments

12. 1995 - Quebec- Ontario High Speed Rail Project- Industrial Strategy Study - Simpson Guerin Consordium

13. 1998 - Lynx High Speed Rail System - Consordium - Alstom, SNC-Lavellin, Bombardier, and Others

14. 1995 - Joint Study of High Speed Rail Ridership and Revenues - Air Canada/CP Rail

15. 2002 - VIAFast- VIA Rail Canada

16. 2003 - High Speed Passenger Rail Analysis - Environmental and Socio- Economic Impacts - IBI Group for Transport Canada

17. 2009 - Infrastructure and the Economy: Future directions for Ontario - Martin Prosperity Institute (includes section on High Speed Rail)

18. 2010 - Socio economic Study of High Speed Rail implementation on the Quebec – Windsor– (Detroit – Chicago) Corridor for the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Laval, London, Toronto, Windsor and Montreal Metropolitan Community - SNCF International

19. 2011 - Updated Feasibility Study of a High Speed Rail Service Quebec City-Windsor - EcoTrains for Ministry of Transport Ontario,Quebec and Transport Canada

20. 2014 - Toronto - Kitchener - London, Ontario High Speed Rail - Pre-feasibility Study for the Ontario Ministy of Transportation