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DETROIT NEWS - Lawmakers who questioned a one-bid contract awarded to a Spanish firm for “next-generation” passenger cars now are willing to let the deal proceed, said Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John Pappageorge, R-Troy.

The investigation, and a longer than anticipated evaluation process, delayed purchase of the passenger cars with modern amenities.

The $58 million for Michigan’s two train sets is to come from $200 million in federal funds for Amtrak improvements in Michigan and other states, mostly in the Midwest. The move to the faster trains is expected to give a boost to the Detroit-Chicago route, where ridership steadily has been building back toward a 20-year peak of nearly 504,000 passengers in 2010.

Down the road, the state will use additional federal money for more “next-generation” passenger car and engine sets, said Michigan Department of Transportation railroad chief Tim Hoeffner. The state will own the cars and the Michigan rails on the Detroit-Chicago route for now.

Hoeffner said the Talgo car purchase isn’t finalized. An evaluation of the equipment’s suitability for Michigan’s needs is taking longer than expected, so the cars won’t be in service next month as originally proposed, he said. READ THE REST OF THE STORY.


  1. hope they find a good crew for the maintenance, the new train sets that Oregon trains are having major problem, if you work on the train you would be able to see all the problems, distance between wheels, brake not operating correct, floor in bistro weak can feel wear floor when walking across


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