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VIA RAIL Refuses to Release Uncensored 14 Year Old VIA Fast 2000 Study

Well when a study is over 14 years old you would think the information included might be a tad outdated and an uncensored version of the study would be available. Well not in the land of VIA RAIL.

High Speed Rail Canada spent the big $5.00 fee to ask for the uncensored study through a Freedom of Information Request. Well we are getting our money back! Seems the "condfidential commercial financial information" included in the VIAFast 2000 study is still too sensitive for the public to see is a joke for sure.

To read the VIA letter see below. To read the heavily censored study CLICK HERE.


  1. Well Paul, That is a warm welcome to Harperland,
    Now what next. We, the people of Canada have to decide where this great country is going without undue influence from enemies of society, egotic entities of all whims and colors.


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