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Niagara Falls NY New "International" Passenger Rail Station Being Built

As our federal government slowly allows the demise of cross boarder rail service, (Windsor/Detroit, Sarnia/PortHuron, Fort Erie/Buffalo RIP) the city of Niagara Falls New York is building a brand new international passenger rail terminal. WATCH VIDEO

It is hopeful this station will improve the local area and get increased passenger rail service. Currently only one train the Maple Leaf travels through the area and that trains is notoriously slow taking a minimum of 9 hours.

On the USA side track infrastructure improvements are being made and more are being planned.

On the Canadian side the federal government is definitely not on board. In 2012, the Harper Tories cut Niagara Falls VIA Rail service down to one train.

A recent article on the obstacles in place preventing GO Rail service from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Toronto highlights some of same the issues that VIA Rail/Amtrak would have if they ever decided to increase rail service.

Congratulations to Niagara Falls NY for having vision to move forward with improved passenger rail service. It it tragic that our Canadian Prime Minister Harper is not on board with your vision.