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High speed rail is coming to Banff National Park

BANFF, AB, May 16, 2014 /CNW/ - Today HSBanff announced plans to design construct and operate high speed rail from Calgary to Banff National Park. HSBanff plans include use of very high speed rail technology designed to operate at speeds up to 400km/h. Their mission is to be Canada's first High Speed Rail providing service from Calgary International Airport to Banff National Park.

The service will provide an intermodal link allowing passengers arriving in Calgary International Airport to transfer from their flight to the high speed train; seamlessly completing their journey. Operational goals include providing a single air-rail ticket designed for international travellers visiting Banff.

HSBanff will make it easier for adventure seekers, cultural explorers and families to enjoy the great outdoors of Canada. An added benefit of the project is the introduction of a unique transportation alternative for people who love to live, visit and share Banff. This transportation alternative has the potential to protect the unique ecosystem in Banff National Park allowing enjoyment for years to come.

To finance the project HSBanff will utilize unconventional 'Crowdfunding' to obtain the initial funding required to complete feasibility and environmental studies before concept design and construction phases begin. Greg Dansereau, founder said "The initial financing through Crowdfunding and use of social media to generate interest in our project helps address two critical opportunities early in the project. These opportunities include ridership and community involvement. We won't build if people don't want to ride and we know the climate is right for trains." Read the rest of the press release -

Check out the HS Banff website: